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HerboJoint is a medicinal cream for all types of Joint Pain. The product of Bordoloi Biotech India Pvt Ltd is a carefully developed cream with extensive Research and Development and is a fully tested cream with all the characterization work carried out at well-established Institutions in India.

HerboJoint is the all-natural answer to all types of Joint Pain limiting your body. Made from all-natural herbs with a combination of Kattrna Oil (Cymbopogon citratus), Sati Oil (Hedychium spicatum), and Tumuru Oil (Zanthoxylum armatum), HerboJoint will not show any allergic effects on the user. The essential oil blend is developed into an aqueous oil-in-water emulsion cream ,which has a nice natural odor of the EO's used and it feels like a cosmetic cream in actual use. It disappears into the skin at a rapid pace for easy absorption of the essential oils into the dermis for quick relief from the agonizing pain.

HerboJoint is a non-greasy cream which gives no irritation upon application. Being a water based natural cream, it doesn't leave any residue for any stain as well.


HerboJoint is the magnificent combination of three most effective Joint Pain relieving Essential Oils (EO) found in nature, namely:

  1. Kattrna Oil (Cymbopogon citratus) at 3%
  2. ,
  3. Sati Oil (Hedychium spicatum) at 1%
  4. ,
  5. Tumuru Oil (Zanthoxylum armatum) at 1%
  6. ,
  7. Cream base Q.S

The combination of these three oils blended together in precise proportions helps build an all-natural Joint Pain relieving cream that is HerboJoint.

It's an OTC Product

HerboJoint, an OTC (Over-the-Counter) product, can be purchased without the consent of any prescribing authority. It is recommended that one uses any medicinal formulation or product with the prescription of a physician. However, in the case of HerboJoint being an OTC Ayurvedic product, such a prescription from a physician is not required. A joint pain sufferer can use it without the consent of any doctor. Of course a physician may recommend such a product. HerboJoint is an aqueous cream made from mother-nature without displaying any allergic effects. This means that the general public can use it without any concern. If one is also using other prescription products, one is welcome to consult with his or her physician for those along with the use of HerboJoint.


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The herbojoint usage effects may vary from person to person.